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What Gives Bourbon or Rye Whiskey Their Unique Flavor?

With the wide variety and brands of spirits, many people find it difficult to choose the right whiskey to suit their taste or palate. However, it’s very important to be familiar with the different flavor profiles of whiskeys so that you can appreciate the meticulous and rich features of your favorite whiskey.

So what make Cadée’s Bourbon or Rye whiskey so flavorful and a hot choice among spirit lovers?

The Environment and Crafter of Spirits

During maturation of the whiskey, the quality of water source and the environmental factors in which the spirit is aged and finished play a crucial role in imparting the tasting notes and aroma. This is, of course, in in concert with the skills of the Crafter of Spirits, or master distiller.

The Mash Bill

The mash bill is the combination of ingredients that comprise what creates the distillate of the whiskey. The ingredients, or grain recipe used to prepare the spirit offers basic flavors like sweet, malty, creamy, peppery etc. as evident on the tongue. For specific whiskey types like bourbon, some rules apply, such as requiring at least 51% of corn in the mash bill. Crafters of Spirits use varying proportions of grains mixed together to create the desired flavor profile for each whiskey.

In addition, number of times the liquid undergoes distillation and the size and shape of stills are thought to have some influence on the final flavor, as contact for extended duration with the stills’ copper can create lighter and sweeter notes. Copper can help in filtering and freeing the liquid from unpalatable aromas.

American Oak casks also play a significant role in the flavor of whiskeys. Charring of oaks at different levels, and aging whiskeys in charred oak barrels offers toasty notes and renders color to the finished product. It’s estimated that half of the flavor profile of a whiskey is attributed to the charred oak barrel in which the whiskey is aged for 2-4 years or longer.

As you become familiar with the factors that determine your favorite whiskey’s flavor profile, you will soon develop a suitable palate for different kinds of whiskeys. Taste different kinds of whiskeys and observe the uniqueness between them. Try maritime Straight Bourbon and Straight Rye whiskey from Cadée Distillery. You’ll soon be a whiskey connoisseur! Enjoy!

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