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Top 6 Whiskey Glasses To Fancy A Home Bar

There are numerous glassware out there to choose from. But not all whiskey glasses justify the ‘fancy a drink’ experience. Choosing the right whiskey glass can instantly enhance the experience of drinking and nosing whiskey.

There’s no ONE way to enjoy whiskey. There are no rules either. Whiskey is personal and we understand that. But there are various factors that can enhance the overall experience to relish whiskey.

Today you will learn about the top 6 ‘must have’ Whiskey Glasses in your Home Bar and what makes them special.

It’s important to study about the material and how it impacts your senses. The shape and size of a glass can improve the drinkers enjoyment and here’s how

The Glencairn Glass

Glencairn Whiskey Glassess

This tulip shaped glass with narrow opening at the top and a heavy bottom is the perfect choice for complex spirits. When swirling the glass, its design concentrates the aromas and locks the savoury smell.

Functional and aesthetic, the glass not only strengthens the aroma, but also provides an elegant unhindered view of the drink when held.

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Dragon Glassware Diamond

This list is meticulously crafted and only includes the best glasses to grace your home bars. The Dragon glass has a unique tilted shape inspired by diamonds. Carrying great significance, the shape of the glass allows the drink to aerate when poured and swirled inside the glass. The glass is beautifully positioned at an anti-rocking, spill-proof, 50 degree tilt to providing a unique drinking experience. The design is not only attractive and a great conversation piece but it also intensifies the flavors of whiskey, or your other favorite spirits. It's comfortable to hold and is freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe.

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Ashcroft Twist Whiskey Glass

Whiskey is a serious drink for those who believe in it. The Ashcroft glasses are elegant without being pretentious and overly complicated. It all begins with the look and feel of the glass. This work of art is sturdy, comfortable and sits beautifully in the hand.

These glasses exude style and luxury on the shelves of a home bar. The spirit gods will smile when you pour your favorite whiskey in them!

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The Neat Glass

Life was simple when ‘apple’ was a fruit and ‘neat’ was just a way to drink without dilution. But times have changed. Now NEAT stands for ‘Naturally Engineered Aroma Technology’, a patented technology for a curved glass. The design of the neat glass holds resemblance to the tulip and is best suited for negating harsh aromas. This glassware is perfectly suited for someone who is new to the spirits world or who has an intolerance for ethanol. The design of this NEAT glass is such that it squeezes the lighter molecules of ethanol out of its opening, leaving behind the heavier molecules within whiskey. The distinctive curved shape intensifies flavors and nuances.The makers believe that it is all about keeping the numbing aroma of alcohol at bay so that the drinkers can enjoy the spirit. Well, it might take a while and a bit of practice to hold this neat glass but it surely delivers what it claims.

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The Highball

Larger than a tumbler, the highball is the perfect choice for cocktails with high portions of nonalcoholic mixers. The thick and heavy bottom of this glass keeps the tall glassware balanced and spill-proof.

Named after the drink highball - whiskey served over ice in a tall glass.

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Single Old Fashioned, Diamond Collection

What even is a bar without old fashioned glassware? The Old Fashioned glass is classic, iconic, contemporary and never goes out of fashion.

The remarkable glass, made by award-winning designer Richard Brendon, has the chic factor and a classic old charm. You can never go wrong with this standing tall and handsome on your home bar. It is crafted with utmost precision to create hand-cut diamonds shapes that refract light and give rich amber colored drinks a sparkling jewel-like effect.

It feels so dreamy!

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