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Top 4 Differences You Must Know Between Vodka And Gin

Vodka and gin are the two most popular spirits used frequently for preparing various cocktails. Known for their clarity, mixability, and flavor or no flavor, they both come with some striking differences that you must know to be better able to appreciate the finer nuances of the spirits.

Vodka as a neutral, odorless, and colorless spirit, is one of the most consumed spirits in the United States by volume since 1970. Also known as America’s official spirit, vodka is characterized by being one of the heaviest drinks with 40% alcohol-by-volume (80 proof). Vodka can be made from various things like potatoes, grapes, wheat, rye, sorghum, and can be prepared anywhere.

1. Base Constituent or Raw Materials Used

Vodka derived its name from ‘Voda’- the Russian word that means water. Being as clear as water, and flavorless, vodka can be made from many different things with water and ethanol as the main constituents. Vodka can be infused with flavors from whatever is mixed into it like orange soda, cranberry, or other things. Gin is primarily distilled from malt and grain and then mixed with Juniper berries. This gives gin the distinctive flavor of Juniper. Originally it was named Genièvre – the French word for Juniper berries, later shortened by English to be said as Gin.

2. Great Difference in Taste

Vodka is a neutral spirit essentially containing water and alcohol, that is tasteless while Gin offers distinguishing herbal note that comes from the eight herbs used to realize its predominantly Juniper-led flavor as a central part of the spirit.

3. Different Process of Serving Both

Spirit lovers prefer chilled Vodka that gives a better mouthfeel and is viscous at freezing temperature and can help them de-stress. Gin, on the other hand, comes with a unique flavor that can compensate for the desired flavor when Gin is not served chilled.

4. Range of Mixability Preparing a Variety of Cocktails

Being flavorless and odorless, Vodka is one of the most preferred spirit choices for preparing a wide variety of cocktails while gin is the second best as it may not go well with different types of ingredients that risk conflict with its flavor. Gin can be best mixed with straight flavors like in the Gin and Tonic. Some of the popular cocktails of vodka are Moscow Mule, White Russian, Bloody Mary, Vesper Martini, Screwdriver, Black Russian and Sex on the Beach, etc. Popular gin cocktails are the classic Martini, Negroni, Hanky Panky, Ramos Gin Fizz, Red Snapper, White Lady, Tom Collins, and Clover Club, etc.

Apart from these important differences, there may be some subtle differences in the distillation and aging process of both Vodka and Gin. However, they continue to be quite popular among spirit lovers worldwide. Gin comes in five different styles that are London Dry, Plymouth Gin, Old Tom gin, Navy Strength, and West Coast Gin with differences in taste, alcohol by volume, and other herbal ingredients.

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