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Make Your Happy Hour Unforgettable with Bloody Good Vodka

Vodka means ‘Little Water’ and is one of the most popular and enjoyable spirits. Known for its sharp, crisp taste, cocktail mix-ability, and hidden intensity, it is loved by many who want to add class to their glass. For many, it is the king of all spirits. Made from the fermentation of grains such as wheat, rye or corn, potatoes, or fruits, vodka is neutral in taste, flavor, and scent, but aged vodka acquires taste due to proper distillation and aging as well as, occasionally, additives infused to it. Vodka should have a minimum of 40 % alcohol by volume (ABV) 80 US Proof. Vodka can be enjoyed by sipping neat or mixed in a cocktail.

If you want outstanding smooth, fresh Vodka with a creamy, crisp and light flavor, try Bloody Good Vodka from Cadée Distillery. What characteristics make this Vodka a premium choice of spirit lovers everywhere?

1. Distilled Four Times from Corn

Vodka, as per the government regulations in most countries, should be distilled at least three times to remove all impurities. Cadée Bloody Good Vodka is distilled four times, ensuring a cleaner and more pure taste.

2. Gluten-Free

Bloody Good Vodka is distilled from corn, making it gluten-free. So those with gluten sensitivity can enjoy Cadée vodka free from any ill effects from gluten.

3. Uniquely Smooth, Fresh Taste with Creamy Flavor

Bloody Good Vodka features a smooth and creamy light taste and was recorgnized Best in Class, winning a double gold medal in the Seattle International Spirits Awards.

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