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How to Spice up Your Bourbon Experience for a Delicious Time?

Whiskey is a timeless beverage that many spirit lovers love to enjoy and share with friends. Choosing award-winning Straight Bourbon or Rye whiskey, Deceptivus bourbon whiskey, or other fine American whiskeys can be like partaking from the elixir of life. Whether you love straight or blended whiskey - on the rocks or in a stimulating cocktail- you can always pair your preferred bourbon or rye whiskey with your favorite food.

Here is a checklist of some basic rules to follow that will help you make the right choice to enhance your whiskey tasting experience.

1. Think Like a Wine Connoisseur

Whether you’re creating your favorite cocktail or sipping whiskey neat, pairing it with the right food can really enhance your tasting experience. For this, your wine preference may be a helpful guide.

With a light white wine or delicious whiskey like Medusa (80 proof) with a very smooth flavor profile, try pairing with chicken and seafood. Lighter whiskey will be a suitable match for these delicate foods.

Alternatively, when choosing Deceptivus Bourbon Whiskey (85 proof) or Cascadia Rye Whiskey (87 proof) or any full-bodied whiskey, consider more filling dishes like steak.

American Branded Whiskey

2. Check Out the Proof

Higher-proof whiskey means more alcohol, and a more dominating flavor on your palate. Try 100 proof bourbon that may have a full-bodied, robust finish or choose an 80 proof whiskey that provides a mild, smooth vanilla finish. The former goes well with a spicy sauce or marinade used on grilled meat, while the latter pairs well with a sweeter dish like pasta with mushroom cream sauce.

3. Take Flavors Into Account

Whiskeys come in many notes that range from caramel to smoke to vanilla to honey. The best way to spice up your experience is by choosing recipes with a similar flavor profile as your whiskey. Bourbon with caramel notes can easily be enjoyed with barbecue pork with caramelized flavors.

4. Don’t Leave Out Dessert

Whiskey can provide a happy ending to any meal. Match make your sweet tasting whiskey with rich notes of vanilla, caramel, raisins, and honey with your preferred cheesecake or cinnamon apple crisp. And don’t forget to follow up a bite of deep, dark chocolate cake with your favorite whiskey for a dessert unlike any other.

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