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ABV 40%, 80 Proof - 750ml bottle
Handmade in small batches, Medusa is a beautifully finished best American Whiskey for the discerning palate.  
Sweet on the nose with an array of spices and the smell of the sea. This five year old “Straight Bourbon Whiskey” is finished for at least 18 months in 10-year-old imported Madeira wine barrels. Very smooth notes of toffee and mild spice give way to a lingering caramel Madeira blush. A truly exceptional whiskey that calls out to new and seasoned tasters.
Market comparison products: Macallan 15yr old
Review: awomansperspective
"Medusa has a tantalizing palate that will bring you through a ribbon on flavors that will keep you wanting more.  My tasting started with oak from the barrel on the tip of the tongue.  Then she presented a warm mixture of island spices (mild cinnamon, all spice, nutmeg) and the taste of the sea.  Her finish is smooth and sweet with caramel/toffee flavor that glides past the back of the mouth.  It is a wonder how a whiskey can be that complex and refined all at once.  I highly recommended that you check out this delicious whiskey and enjoy the enticing flavors presented by Cadée"
Double Gold Medal - Women's Wine and Spirits, London

Enjoy the Timeless Pleasure of our Best American Whiskey

Looking for the finest Straight bourbon whiskey for an unmatched tasting experience? Cadée Distillery brings you Medusa - a beautifully finished best American Whiskey for discerning palates.  Our five year old bourbon is finished for an additional 18 months aging in imported Madeira barrels.  Possibly the best whiskey made in America!


Our unique finishing process creates a rich combination of unforgettable flavors ranging from toffee and mild spice to a lingering caramel Madeira blush. Bold enough for seasoned whiskey lovers, yet friendly to the novice.  Very few American whiskeys will provide you the truly great and unique experience of Medusa.  Try it for yourself and see.  Order Medusa Select Reserve American Whiskey online above through our Medusa product page.  You owe it to yourself and your friends.

It is our commitment to provide you an indelible whiskey experience with our gold medal-winning American Maritime Whiskeys –
Medusa American Whiskey finished in Madeira barrels,
Deceptivus Bourbon Whiskey finished in imported Portugese Port Wine casks,

Cascadia Rye Whiskey port finished straight rye whiskey.


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