Blind taste test to truly appreciate this Gin.
ABV 44%, 88 Proof - 750ml bottle

Handmade in small batches. Distilled from Grain - 18th Century Recipe.


Intrigue Gin is full of character and botanicals, with an attenuated citrus focus. Refreshing flavors on the palate. Slightly off dry. Moderated juniper and coriander with a citrus focus. Ideal sipping Gin on the rocks or Negroni cocktail. Multiple botanicals are engaged in this Botanical Gin, giving this smooth-yet-crisp spirit a flavor profile you will not forget and will be asking for more.

Market comparison: Uncle Vals Gin and The Botanist

Double Gold Medal - Seattle International Spirits Awards 

Gold Medal -  Los Angeles International Spirits Competition 

Silver Medal -  Tastings: Beverage Tasting Institute 

Bronze Medal -  San Francisco World Spirits Competition 

What’s So Intriguing About This Botanical Gin?


From ‘Genever’ to ‘Gen’ to ‘Gin’, this particular alcohol has seen it all. The history of gin dates back to 70 A.D., created as a herbal medicine to treat cold. A drink qualifies to be labeled as Gin only when it contains juniper berries. Without the juniper berries the product is Vodka, water and ethanol. 


Botanical Gin is produced using a dual distillation process in most cases. The process includes creation of ethanol or base spirit followed by redistillation where grounded juniper berries along with other botanicals are infused to the base spirit. Gin is also known as Juniper-based spirit mainly because juniper is a ‘must’ ingredient in Gin. 


Our smooth-yet-crisp Intrigue Gin exudes a refreshing citrusy flavor profile.  Moderate juniper and coriander with citrus focus makes this spirit full of character. When it comes to truly enjoying our finest botanical Gin we recommend sipping on the rocks or Negroni cocktail.  With alcohol 40% (88 Proof), slightly off dry, this botanical gin includes tasting notes of refreshing flavors on the palate.


The uniqueness of this botanical gin lies in its creation, handmade in small batches using 18th century recipe, and its design, a hand drawn image of citrus fruits gracing the front and the Isle of Whidbey on the rear.  We present to you our double award-winning gin!


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Intrigue Gin

Intrigue Gin

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