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Coastal Whiskeys are unique.


 Island Whiskeys are rare.


Maritime Whiskeys are exceptional!

Welcome To Cadée Distillery

Premium Supplier of Fine American Whiskeys

Have a Great Tasting Experience with Cadée, the World-Class Whiskey Brands in the USA

Famed for its incredible flavor, Cadée’s exceptional Maritime Whiskey will provide you and your friends an unforgettable whiskey experience. Offering whiskey lovers their exquisitely handcrafted, world-class whiskey brands, Cadée meticulously selects, ages, blends and finishes each barrel in the rare Whidbey Island climate, creating unique flavor profiles. This attention to detail makes Cadée an award-winning American Whiskey Company. 

We are one of the finest rye and bourbon whiskey brands in the USA.  We produce extraordinary bourbons and ryes. But please, don't listen to us.  Pay attention to the awards and recognition that we continue to receive.  Medusa Madeira Finished American Bourbon Whiskey, Straight Rye Whiskey, Cascadia Port-Finished Rye Whiskey, Deceptivus Port-Finished Bourbon Whiskey, or Straight Bourbon Whiskey.  Simply the best bourbon brands and rye brands in the USA! 


It is our commitment to provide you an indelible whiskey experience with our gold medal-winning American Maritime Whiskeys –
Medusa American Whiskey finished in Madeira barrels,
Deceptivus Bourbon Whiskey finished in imported Portugese Port Wine casks,

Cascadia Rye Whiskey port finished straight rye whiskey.


We love reviews.  Please drop us a line about your Cadée experience.  Taste the Island Difference!

ABV 40%, 80 Proof
Beautifully finished American Whiskey for discerning palates.
Aged in Madeira barrels imported from Spain.
Possibly the best whiskey made in America.
New Web Site Product Block 2 DECEPTIVUS
ABV 42.5%, 85 Proof
You've never tasted anything like Deceptivus.
First matured as "Straight Bourbon Whiskey" then
double-barrel finished in 20-year old imported
Portuguese Port barrels.  A truly great whiskey.  
New Web Site Product Block 2 SINGLE MALT
ABV 46%, 92 Proof
A 7 year old Single Malt. Perfectly balanced sipper
that sets a very high bar for American Single Malts. 
New Web Site Product Block 2 CASCADIA Bl
ABV 43.5%, 87 Proof
Gently rolls over the tongue like waves to the shore.
This "Straight Rye Whiskey" is double-barreled in
French oak casks previously used for aging rich,
Portuguese Port.  The concentration of flavor is inimitable.
New Web Site Product Block 2 INVICTUS Bl
Barrel Proof, Finished in Olosoro Sherry Barrels
ABV 42%, 84 Proof
A 6 year old Rye Whiskey that is an absolute
powerhouse of flavor. 
New Web Site Product Block 2 STRAIGHT BO
ABV 42%, 84 Proof
Straight Bourbon, rich in
flavor, beguiling and
New Web Site Product Block 2 STRAIGHT RY
ABV 42%, 84 Proof
Straight Rye Whiskey
that is richly balanced with
subtle, delicious spice.

Cadée Distillery was created by Colin Campbell, a Scotsman from a Clan spanning centuries of distilling and blending history, now transplanted in the Pacific Northwest. Colin was enchanted by the alchemy of spirits at an early age with his first dram in the Laphroig Distillery in Scotland.


In 2013, Colin wanted to do things differently to bring the joys of incredible quality creations to the spirits world, resulting in unique, award-winning Premium American Spirits. To do this, he set out to create a different kind of American spirits company based on the long lost model of the classic Scotch Distillery and Blending houses of the 16th century.


At Cadée, we focus on creativity, process innovation, and exploring the many ways we all can enjoy the pleasures of our Exceptional Maritime Whiskeys.  Cadée is a Gaelic word that, when translated, means “Pure” and “Clean”.  Whidbey Island in Washington State offers miles of Salish Sea coastline with salty ocean breezes and a bounty of natural resources similar to Scotland, imparting flavors and unique notes on our spirits. 


With a futurist and tireless approach of sourcing, Colin began partnering and selecting from the highest quality “Award Winning” distilleries around the United States to create unique flavor profiles for all to enjoy. “We start with the highest quality barrels and oaks, hand selected from cooperages around the world, for every whiskey we produce. Our spirits are created from taste-tested recipes, to create unique flavor profiles. We carefully; select, age, blend and finish each barrel in this rare island climate, creating spirits that are smooth and distinctive,” he says.


Now Cadée Distillery has grown, on The Isle of Whidbey, with a vast array of maturing stocks of aging spirits in 53 and 55 gallon casks, employing hand-selected barrels from the Vosges forest in France using French Oak (Quescus robur) and woods in Kentucky using American Oak (Quercus alba), and a blending house with a half dozen employees. 


“With more maritime flavor and style than others can create, we believe that American whiskeys are one of the world’s great spirits to share with the world. We are here to help ensure it stays that way for generations to come,” states Cadée’s proud Crafter of Spirits.


Maritime Whiskeys

Coastal Whiskeys are unique.   Island Whiskeys are rare.   Maritime Whiskeys are exceptional!

Greg Grunberg

Celebrity and Cadée Lover


When it comes to our creations we keep our minds open to new possibilities, new production processes, new combinations of flavors, and new ways of sharing and enjoying great spirits. We work with a range of partners to explore the creation and interaction between maturing American whiskey, oaks with the resulting marriage of flavors over the course of time affected by the Isle Of Whidbey’s unique maritime climate.  This combination is the hallmark of our Exceptional Maritime Whiskeys brands usa.


We source the best cooperage oak in the world from the Vosges forest in France using French Oak (Quescus robur).  We have ventured to Kentucky for American Oak (Quercus alba) with specific char and toast levels on our barrels.  We individually sample every cask we use in each of our whiskies.  We are fanatical about quality and believe that every stage of the process has the potential to add to the finished whiskey.


The results speak for themselves.  We have been recognized (and victorious) in blind taste spirit competitions throughout the United States for the quality and unique flavors that we have created across our entire line with multiple show awards.  We call this The Island Difference and we invite you to enjoy the spoils of our vision and work.  Slainté!



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