An incredible marriage of Gin and Bourbon soaked oak.
ABV 44%, 88 Proof - 750ml bottle

Handmade in small batches on the Isle of Whidbey, Washington. Distilled from Corn - 18th Century Recipe. Cadée Gin is

exquisitely balanced. Traditional London Dry Gin Finished in First Pour Cadée Traditional Bourbon Barrels.

Nose: Great nose of vanillin and botanicals lead to spiced vanilla and roasting caramel that blend seamlessly with the rich Bourbon oak finish creating a wonderful marriage of both Gin and Bourbon in a glass. Terrific as a Negroni or Old Fashioned or simply over the rocks with a twist. This is truly Epic Sht!! Smoothest most flavorful product on the market.

Market comparison products: Ransom Old Tom Gin

Gold Medal -  Beverage Testing Institute Awards

What is the Secret of Our Epic Sh’t Gin?


Barrel-Aging is not something new, it’s an age old concept in the gin industry. This method is used to give the gin a more classic, aged alcoholic flavor. Once the gin is prepared, it is placed in a barrel and aged over time. Aging in a barrel helps the spirit acquire that smoother, mellower flavor and leach the earthy tones into it. 


Epic Sh’t Gin is a traditional London Dry Gin Finished in First Pour Cadée traditional Bourbon barrels. This gin provides a rich taste of spiced vanilla and roasting caramel that blends perfectly with the rich Bourbon oak finish. What makes this gin epic is the seamless marriage of botanical infused Gin with oak finished Bourbon in your favorite whiskey glass.


Nothing can match the unique aroma and the flavorful tasting notes of this Epic Sh’t Gin.

Best enjoyed on the rocks or a Negroni or a classic old fashioned. There goes our secret, keep it safe!


Enjoyment is just a click away. Order online and Taste the Island Difference.



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