The world needs a Bourbon like this.
89 Points - Whiskey Advocate
Gold Medal - Los Angeles International Spirits Competition
Silver Medal - San Francisco World Spirits Competition
Silver Medal - Tastings: Beverage Tasting Institute
ABV 42.5%, 85 Proof - 750ml bottle

Handmade in small batches. Deceptivus Straight Bourbon is finished in imported Portuguese Port wine casks for an award-winning spirit. We guide each batch’s conditioning, blending our handcrafted bourbon in a single barrel at a time. It’s typically aged for at least four years in American Oak Barrels, then finished for an average of 12-18 months in imported, French Oak ruby port wine casks from Portugal.   While we lose about 20% of the spirit to absorption and evaporation, or “the Angel’s Share,” this adds subtly distinct flavor nuances that enhance the whiskey without challenging it.  This creates a whiskey of unprecedented smoothness, sweetness and balance.

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Stock Your Home Bar with Deceptivus Bourbon Whiskey

Bourbon’s origin is varied and often disputed, a wealth of legend and myth. But beyond these tall tales lies a process which makes this among the most loved alcoholic beverages by spirit connoisseurs.


A bourbon made for US consumption must be produced in the United States. Made from a grain mixture at least 51% corn, aged in new, charred oak containers, distilled to no more than 160 U.S proof, and bottled at 80 proof or more.

Bourbon whiskey is made in the USA having a ‘fatter’ and sweeter flavor profile, relying on the new charred oak barrels for much of its character, mixability and versatility, making it America’s native spirit.


Cadée’s Deceptivus bourbon is an exceptional maritime whiskey. Created by experienced whiskey producers, with centuries of distilling and blending experience, our bourbon is aged for at least four years in American Oak Barrels, and then double-barrel finished for an average of 12-18 months in imported Portuguese Port wine casks. This award-winning spirit provides an unforgettable tasting experience.

Taste and savor this great whiskey. You will love the whiskey for its unprecedented smoothness, sweetness, and balance. Cadée’s Deceptivus Bourbon is rich, smooth and its easily approachable taste is to be enjoyed by experienced and casual drinkers alike.


So, what are you waiting for?  Stock your bar with Deceptivus, and experience an irresistible premium Bourbon whiskey.

Deceptivus Bourbon Whiskey

Deceptivus Bourbon Whiskey

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