1 Liter "Bloody Good" Vodka and London Dry Gin
ABV 40%, 80 Proof - 1000ml bottle

Handmade in small batches. Distilled from corn, Gluten free.

A uniquely smooth, fresh taste. Subtle, crisp and light. Full and round with a medium bodied  weight.


Comparable Products: Titos Vodka

Best in Class: Double Gold Medal
Seattle Int’l Spirits Awards

Double Gold Medal - Seattle International Spirits Awards

Gold Medal - The Fifty Best Competition, NYC 

Gold Medal -  Tastings: Beverage Tasting Institute 

ABV 44%, 88 Proof - 1000ml bottle

Handmade in small batches. Distilled from Grain - 18th Century Recipe

Cadée London Dry Gin is exquisitely balanced.


Comparison Products: Tanqueray Gin

What Makes Our Spirits So Bloody Good?


Being a neutral spirit, Vodka forms the basis of many cocktails. Known for its levity, refreshment, and versatility, it can be made from seemingly anything like corn, grapes, fruit, potatoes, and even roots. Vodka gets its name from “Voda” which means water in Russian. Although quite popular in the United States, the clear, odorless, and tasteless spirit is extensively used by people in European countries like Ukraine, Finland, Estonia, Norway, Russia, Latvia, Iceland, Poland, Belarus, and the Czech Republic. All Vodkas are not created equal. Taste our exquisitely crafted Bloody Good Vodka that is distilled four times from corn and is gluten-free. Being light, and crisp, providing a uniquely smooth refreshing taste, Bloody Good Vodka can help you prepare the great, satisfying drink you desire. 


Gin is quite different from Vodka. Cadée Distillery brings to you a delicious Bloody Good London Dry Gin - a spirit containing alcohol 44 ABV – 88 Proof distilled from grains with juniper and other ingredients. Experience the subtle delicious and lingering finish of this spirit that has won the double gold medal and has satisfied the senses of many spirit lovers.  


With London Dry Gin, manufacturers cannot add any botanicals or flavors after final distillation. So, what are you waiting for? Check out the unique and high-quality taste and flavor of our premium class Vodka and London Dry Gin. Stock your home bar, welcome your friends at the party or enjoy an unforgettable sipping or cocktail experience with Bloody Good Vodka or Bloody Good London Dry Gin.     


Taste The Island Difference! 

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